What we can do for you …

1) ERP and CRM systems

Having a great Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) at the core of a modern business is crucial. An ERP system lets the various stakeholders of an enterprise like the managers and employees carry out their duties and fulfill their responsibilities in the most efficient way possible while at the same time complying with the necessary laws and regulations.

TEDEH LTD can help you construct an ERP system completely from the ground up and tailored to your needs and area of business. We have plenty of experience doing so, and ERP systems that we have developed are currently being used as a core part of several successful Swedish businesses in diverse areas such as telecom and finance.

Some parts of a useful ERP systems are sales and customer relationship management (CRM), integrated logistics and procurement, audit support tools, employee time tracking and internal messaging and task delegation.

We strongly believe that an IT system should work for the users, not against them!

2) Bespoke system integrations

An IT system is rarely the most useful just sitting by itself. In order to really shine it needs to be integrated with other systems in an organization such as payment processors, service management software, logistics or call center support systems.

TEDEH LTD has extensive experience in creating integrations between systems like these and more. So much in fact that we have had the great pleasure of co-founding a dedicated Swedish company called Linknow for some of this work. Linknow specializes in creating ready-made system integrations that anyone can get up and running in a matter of minutes.

A great system integration delivers the right data to you, your employees and partners just when it’s needed!

3) Cutting costs and increasing revenue

IT can do much more than just being a cost center. The right use of IT keep an organization lean and helps keeps back office staff to a minimum.

TEDEH LTD has always been concious about affecting the bottom line of our customers, and we have a proven track record of looking at inefficiencies and proposing solutions for automation, freeing up employees to focus on more productive endavours than fighting slow or broken IT systems or being stuck with manual IT work such as data input.

On the revenue side TEDEH LTD has worked extensively with call centers in the past. We know a thing or two about what motivates sales people and love to share this knowledge and experience with our clients. For instance, we’re currently (Q3 2018) developing a “sales screen” together with one of our clients that aims to motivate people on the sales floor by applying gamification concepts to increase sales volume. It is expected for public launch at the end of 2018 and will feature prominently here.

All money our customers spend on our IT solutions should pay back and much more as time goes by!

So what are you waiting for?

We’re currently accepting offers for new projects and are actively looking for additional business relationships. Most of our existing relationships has lasted for several years — we have been working with our oldest customer for almost a decade. TEDEH LTD is in it for the long term.

Drop us an email at hello@tedeh.ltd if you want to discuss any of the following:

  • Business proposals
  • An idea that you think could be best realised online
  • A problem or itch with an IT system that you are experiencing
  • How you are using IT in your organisation today
  • Opportunities for business networking

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