This month has seen the launch of TEDEH LTD latest project, Ekonomikalkylatorn is Swedish for “Economical Calculator” and the purpose of the site is to create and publish calculators related to personal finance.

GDPR in Sweden: How Sweden's biggest websites are communicating compliance (and how your business should not!)

In this article we will investigate ten of the largest websites in Sweden as a casual visitor. We will have the rights given by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in mind as we attempt to describe the manner in which the subject websites inform us of our rights, and the specifics around how it is done (pop-ups, buttons, links, terminology, etc.)

Finally we will give some recommendations on how businesses with an online presence can best communicate the rights granted under the GDPR to their European visitors and customers. These recommendations will have what is best and most clear for the user in mind, and will be supported by our findings.